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LAMA helps in developing Startup companies and opening new lines of business. We provide consultancy on strategy development and business plan editing. LAMA mentors and supports its clients to elaborate the most efficient SOPs to ensure that a newborn enterprise will grow swiftly while developing a solid structure. We also assist established enterprises in opening new lines of business in a secure and thought through fashion.

LAMA drives its clients to the full operation of its organisational structures, with the aim of improving their economic, financial, and operational performances. This kind of assistance may concern management transition phases, the exit phases from critical situations of the company or of a single business unit, the running of expansion, merger and integration activities. The work is delivered with the objective of improving new competences among management, improving business climate, as well as relations between the company and its stakeholders.

LAMA assists company management in reorganizing a business’ internal functions and value chains (information flows, governance and SOPs) as well as revising its business model (value proposition, distribution channels and input/output). By evaluating your firm’s opportunities and threats, its strong and weak points, LAMA helps you scale up your business.

With a systemic approach
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LAMA deliver strategical communication consultancies to improve the narrative skills of public entities, companies and associations, and to support their communication management and development strategies.
The need for dissemination and promotion is usually the trigger to a more deep reflection around identity, mission and strategic placement of an organisation.
Through planning communication strategies aimed at improving the impact of its clients, LAMA favours story telling techniques, creating web, editorial and multimedia products who disclose the generative power of stories.

LAMA supports its clients to positively involve their stakeholders.
Thanks to our experience as consultants in vast-scale projects (i.e. major public works, development projects affecting vast communities), we are able to: identify the ideal subjects and the most effective approach to involve them; guarantee a high level of transparency; analyze the risks/opportunities areas; define the instruments to manage the impact on the stakeholders.
Regarding the engagement of specific target groups, LAMA is a leading expert in coordinating groups of young people (under 25 yo). Within the Youth Engagement framework, LAMA ideates and runs educational projects focused on young groups’ empowerment and their engagement in the public sphere.

LAMA Consultants set-up and manage community-building processes, both on-line and off-line. This service is addressed to all the entities (public, private, profit, not for profit) who recognize the strategical value of the communities they are embedded in. Our group of design, engagement, participation and communication experts perform needs assessment, people engagement in actions, events and initiative capable of increasing the degree of internal cohesion to the community.

LAMA supports its clients to design and implement a far-reaching international network.
The urgency of facing new markets on a global scale should be seen as a great opportunity of growth and innovation. At LAMA we support our customers to tap into the potential embedded in this encounter. Through an innovative approach that makes the most of the resources and channels available internationally, we guide you to increase the efficiency and performance rates of your business.
Our services range from strategic planning to first-hand operation management assistance, with a special reference to China where LAMA is present with two offices (Beijing and Shanghai).

Based on advanced analysis
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At LAMA we base our consultancy on advanced analysis and research. Through in-depth data analysis, benchmarkingcomparative studies, results/impact evaluations and more, our consultants will help you launch new products and open new lines of business with a broader understanding of your company’s potential.

LAMA, with a dedicated Unit, performs study and research activities for both public and private entities. This kind of work is usually delivered within national and international networks of research centres and universities. LAMA is specialised in field research activities, aimed at supporting more broad theoretical research. Knowledge production may also be useful to identify areas of intervention and policy approaches for public and private interventions, even within broader programs and development strategies.

Our consultants rank amongst the first-class experts in the evaluation of social projects, programs and policies (output, outcomes and impact), with specific reference to the healthcare, welfare and local development sectors. We currently provide our consultancy services to numerous public institutions, donors, NGOs as well as the private sector.The methods used are both traditional and innovative and engage stakeholders in participatory processes.