Management Control & Improvement

In respect of Ostello Bello, the experience of receptive degree originated from the comprehensive requirement for low cost tour, culture and high standard reception in 2011, with this view, LAMA gains directions from the high-quality sustainable increase model, to push forward the auxiliary process and business strategy. The relation established with Ostello Bello hotel carries the cooperative substance of enterprise objective and mission sharing. By way of this, this institution is able to determine the strategy of management improvement, on the one hand to improve the creativity and potential for team management of Ostello Bello, on the other hand to contribute to the strategic development program already launched in 2011.

Being the organization structure of enterprising, through the emphasis on the working quality of the employees, it further benefit to impose an active influence on the service provided, in such a way as to enhance the sense of worth of the customers of Ostello Bello hotel.