Stakeholder Engagement

“Maratona dell’Ascolto” was a project created in Florence in 2014, its objective was to serve as a tool for the citizens to consult and listen to, and it concerned the decision-making with public nature.
Through the cooperation with SocioLab, LAMA helped Florence to realize the design of methodology, and supported the managerial staff to keep around the center topic, to have each interested parties joining in that, with the sponsor organizing the meeting with the citizens.

Aiming at the latter stage, the working staff of LAMA have already developed the new tools of real time interaction and visualized report with the purpose of sharing the content and encouraging the citizens to participate in it.
After all, LAMA designed the entire methodology with the goal of generating the spontaneous stimulation of public management and the feeling of trust and attention acquired by individual, and only the participant being active in it by way of this project have the opptunity to advance with the times.