Unicoop Firenze

Stakeholder Engagement

Project “the Place of Sharing” was proceeded in Galluzzo (which is in the southwest region of Florence) during June to July 2015.
This activity which is conceived and created by LAMA in the name of Unicoop Firenze, with the objective of providing a series of feasible coexistence conditions for local residents and citizens, in order to strengthen the association of people and redefine the new pattern for living in the public space.

In fact, Galluzzo is now experiencing a bunch of transition that are different from that of the past, which, to a certain extent, has brought with a crisis of identity (the arrival of new residents, the most of which daily round-tripped between Florence and Scandicci; the increase in traffic volume due to being close to the toll station of highway; the hot scenic spots near the residential areas).

However, the projects participated by the interested parties is realized in the artistic mansion of Iacopo Seri (a relevant artist), to mobilize the citizens to participate the team activities, such as story telling and cyber communication.
And the different stories, photos, paintings, articles and videos derived from such course, on the other side, gradually forms a new history rich in affections of Galluzzo (as summerized intuitively with collective map), which comprises the memories and wishes of the residents still living in this place so far.

Luogo in Comune, al Galluzzo