Strategical Communication

Over the years, the Region Tuscany has actively carried out international health cooperative activities through the enterprise of Meyer University Hospital, and understands deeply that the mission of global health can not only benefit the people faraway, but also being of advantage to our country, which in turn drives us to rethink the health service and be determined to make it more convenient, functional and humanize.
By virtue of the research, experience and practice of the policies in the health field, this region has decided in 2015 to establish the first global health center.

As the convergent point of doctors, scholars, the third sectors and public administrators, this center is responsible for: comparing the health policies and health decisions to reduce the unequal factors; propagate the knowledge of the neglected diseases to accelerate their incorporation into the regional planning; contributes to improve the caring methods of the immigrants and accelerates the integration of the relevant services.
LAMA has helped the social cooperative Beta 2 to design the new website of this center which serves as a tool of activity duty and report, and updated the supervision and access of the international health cooperative project, and made planning for the new plan of five year’s development of this center.