Business communities and scaling-up

Camelot – Officine creative is a cooperative involved in intercultural mediation. Together with several municipalities (Bologna, Parma, Ferrara, Ravenna) and the University of Ferrara, Camelot is a partner of PARI Project (Public Administration Online for Integration).
Within the project’s framework, Camelot is developing a plan to make intercultural mediation more accessible to local users through online resources and tools. The communities needs’ will be investigated, mapped and then updated onto an online platform, along with a list of the local subjects involved in the field. The platform is designed to manage more efficiently users’ requests, available resources, and to work as a source of information as well as e-learning/distance learning tool.

LAMA was involved to perform the data collection and mapping the cultural mediation services available in the target area and, on that basis, to design the online platform. Additionally, LAMA was entrusted with the monitoring and evaluation of the project once the platform is online.