ARCI Toscana

Consultancy for business scale-up

As Tuscany’s regional branch of ARCI, a national association founded in the 1950s,  ARCI Toscana works as a link between the association’s local centers and its headquarters. Due to the recent economic and financial crisis ARCI found itself in need of substantial structural changes. LAMA assisted ARCI Toscana during this phase by providing in-depth analysis of the association’s structure and suggesting new, more effective SOPs and management practices.

During this process LAMA has first collected the input of ARCI Toscana’s President and HR management and then involved the associations’ board members as well as the personnel through interviews and meetings. The data thus collected was used to identify the organization’s strong and weak points and subsequently outline more effective management practices and working procedures. The analysis was finally shared with the staff as an opportunity for capacity building, training and shared decision making.