Who we are

LAMA is a consulting company that designs and realizes solutions to tackle change successfully.
Since 2007, LAMA assists businesses, public institutions and not for profit organisations in the innovation of strategies, operations and management processes, in response to the increasing complex and challenging scenario of present times.

LAMA’s services are able to operate on the level of efficiency and impact of its own clients, through business improvement, research and impact evaluation activities. Besides, LAMA offers services that deal with more intangible assets, such as branding, storytelling and networking.

Smart, Innovative, Social and International are the keywords that mostly characterized our approach, as well as our clients’ aspirations and needs.

LAMA is based at Impact HUB Florence, a co-working space and business lab dedicated to social innovation co-founded in 2013.
LAMA is also co-founder of the Chinese company L3, based in Beijing and Shanghai.


Our Team